About Goldbridge Academy

GoldBridge Academy is registered in Alberta, Canada. The Academy aims to build the capacity of students and institutions to set them up for success. With the strength of GoldBridge Academy, our learners will have the skills and confidence to further their studies, begin new careers, provide better lives for their families, and make valuable contributions to society.

At GoldBridge, we have a unique ability to provide students with the skills Somalia needs in a supportive and inclusive environment and with input from industry, business, and the public sector, we make learning relevant and rewarding.

We understand that our learners come with varying levels of education and we assist them at the times and places that meet their needs, whether that is in the classroom, via distance learning or continuing education. We help identify their strengths, work on their areas of need, and move them towards exciting learning paths and life-changing careers. Our post-secondary diploma and certificate programs offer careers in health, community studies, and business. We also uniquely deliver to the increasing demands of our economy.

Located in the heart of Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, we will be able to serve about 3 million residents in Mogadishu with learning or consulting and training. This translates to a spike in full-time and part-time, and continuing education students, including assessment examinations. As academic steward, we provide access to adult education in Mogadishu and the surrounding region, with plans to expand to other regions of the country.


GoldBridge Academy is a vibrant, inclusive and diverse learning environment that provides transformative education in Somalia, with a bridge to connect to the rest of the world.


GoldBridge Academy inspires lifelong learning and the attainment of professional skills by offering North America and European standard education in Somalia.



Treat people with integrity and respect

Foster creativity, innovation and critical thought

Encourage growth, development and lifelong learning

Build on the diversity of our learners, employees and partners

Display leadership and responsibility for our outcomes

Partner to achieve community goals

Our Academy has four distinct Centers of Excellence:

  1. Centre of Excellence for American English and Languages.
  2. Centre of Excellence for Professional Upskilling.
  3. Centre of Excellence for Governance and Leadership.
  4. Centre of Excellence for Graduate Studies Preparation.